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Dr. Sharon Anderson, Esq.

Business Consultant | Emotional Intelligence Transformative Expert

Rev. Dr. Sharon Styles Anderson, Esq., is a compassionate advocate known for her unwavering commitment to community service. With a decade-long focus on fostering civility, she's a published author and the force behind "Emotional Civility Day." Driven by positive energy, she tirelessly supports the disenfranchised.

A distinguished graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown Law School, Dr. Anderson's legal career includes notable work in the District of Columbia's judicial systems. Recognized as a trailblazer, she serves as Co-Chair of the Prince George’s County Faith-Based Advisory Board and holds key roles in global peace organizations.

Her teaching career spans prestigious institutions, where she imparts knowledge on law, emotional intelligence, and civility. Beyond academia, Dr. Anderson manages impactful projects, emphasizing community development. As a dynamic speaker, she shares insights globally, preaching the message of Jesus Christ and empowering businesses through DMV Empowerment Zone, Inc., and KCG Consulting Services, LLC.

With a stellar record in acquiring millions for non-profits and small businesses, Dr. Anderson's professional success is complemented by her dedication to family. As a loving mother and grandmother, she values the balance between professional and personal fulfillment. Dr. Anderson, a beacon of inspiration and change, continues to shape a world where civility, compassion, and success intersect.

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